Metallic beauty


Photographer: Aleksandra Straipunina
Model: Nermina Mekic
Makeup: Yours truly


Graduation day


Yesterday was graduation day for my Allround Make-up Artist school.
This is the group shot of all creations.

Lucious lips

Photography: Jolanda Marti
Model: Michelle van Stek
Makeup: yours truly

Testing new products

Last week I got these Divided temporary hair colour powders at H&M,
I was quite curious if they’d actually have some effect on my red hair.

These are the colours I got. Pink, purple and blue.


I started applying the purple on my hairline and in my hair with a powder brush.
It didn’t have much effect in my hair though, so I grabbed the whole box and started rubbing it on my hair,
This worked so much better!
I added the pink too (didn’t test the blue today)



I added makeup using the hair powder too, worked quite well.

+ & –
+ great bright colours
+ also works well as makeup
+ costs about 7 euros

– stains alot (can be fixed with hairspray)

My first blog post.


Hello ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Nikki Tempelaars and I’m an Allround Make-up artist.
This blog will be all about working as a MUA, showing off my makeup work and posting tips&tricks for you.
I hope you’ll like it! ❤